Wholesale Information

- SINCE 1937 -

Carl’s Bar Supply is reliable, efficient, accurate and professional yet friendly. We have been in business for 83 years and some of our customers have been with us since their origin –up to 49 years. They value our business and we value their loyalty. If we don’t have something you want, we will get it to you at lightning speed.  

Moreover, Carl’s Sweet & Sour, Skinny Sweet & Sour and Bloody Mary mixes are being served in some of San Diego’s finest restaurants and have been for the last 78 years.  We know our business, we respect our customers and welcome an opportunity to serve you.


We have been working with some of San Diego’s established bars and restaurants since 1937!  This is our core competency and we’d relish an opportunity to provide you the best pricing and customer service available.  Visit our wholesale page, complete the contact information form or email us directly and we will contact you within 24 hours.  If you want help sooner—give us call! We value the human connection as well as our site’s efficiency.

PHONE: (858) 405-6016
EMAIL: info@carlsbarsupply.com